Mission Statement:

Lambas for Lemurs is a conservation education program created to promote the conservation of primates in Madagascar.

Our specific aims are:

To promote regional pride in lemurs; to raise awareness of the conservation issues facing lemurs; to link the importance of the role that lemurs play in a healthy and wealthy forest; and to highlight the importance of the forest for human and lemur survival.


Tradition often plays a strong role in Malagasy life.  One such tradition is the utilization of a sarong like cloth called a lamba.  Like sarongs, lambas are square cotton clothes worn by men and women as skirts, robes, scarves, and head wear.  Lambas generally have traditional images and contain proverbs or messages.

In 2008, Megan Shrum conducted research within the Boeny Region of northwest Madgascar. During her research, she made several observations about the region that lead to the development of this project.  She found that many people living near mongoose lemur habitat did not know that lemurs were only found in Madgascar and that mongoose lemurs were only found in their local forests.  She noticed widespread use and cultural significance of the lamba in the everyday life of the men and women in the region and that there were not any lambas with lemurs.

The warmth and friendliness of the Malagasy was apparent throughout the region.  Shrum also noticed a great deal of regional pride among the people she met.  People were very proud to be from Madagascar and more specifically, from the Boeny region. 

We hope that through Lambas for Lemurs projects in the region, we can generate excitement and pride for the lemurs and the forests that they depend on.


Lambas for Lemurs will produce and distribute locally made lambas containing images of mongoose lemurs and a message of conservation to villagers living in communities near mongoose lemur habitat.  

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